Monday, 2 July 2012

Homemade dog treats.

I have been experimenting with one of my dogs diet , Charlie suffers from Colitis and has done for several years .
I have tried various dog foods which havent worked , so I am now cooking my own  food for him.
This also involves making treats.

 I am a big fan of Pinterest and found a wheat free recipe on there which I have tweaked a little.
I made these this morning and the dogs love them I did have to order the tin Pumpkin on Amazon as I couldn’t find any in the supermarket.
I really loved making the packaging for them so cute !!!


  1. These are super cute! Love how you packaged them. We cant give our dog wheat either. Do you ever give sweet potatoes , our dog loves them. I just microwave the yam or sweet potatoes let it cool and them slice it .

  2. These are so fun and cute! What a great way to package them! Packaging is so fun and easy to make! Great job!